'Cowboy' Cerrone fires back at Jorge Masvidal with expletive filled response

BY Damon Martin • January 26, 2017

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone has heard it all before.

He's faced his fair share of opponents in the past who were respectful towards him and the 23-fight UFC veteran has also seen the other side of the coin where fighters will use a lot of four-letter words to try and goad him into battle.

Consider Cerrone's next opponent Jorge Masvidal into the latter half of that description as he went on a very public campaign to land the fight and since then has promised to "break his face" when they meet on Saturday night in Denver.

As loud as Masvidal has been to get his attention, Cerrone hasn't done anything but smile at the absurdities flying out of his mouth in the weeks leading up to their fight.

"I laughed at all of it. It's funny," Cerrone told the Fight Society podcast this week. "It is what it is. He's going to have to see me in the ring. I really don't know much about the guy to be honest with you. I don't really have an opinion."

While Masvidal has predicted a battle that could send the loser to the hospital after the fight is over, Cerrone isn't exactly convinced that's the way things will play out.

Cerrone specifically points to a lot of split decisions in Masvidal's past that have haunted him, although admittedly he's only watched the American Top Team competitor inside the cage one time and that was his last bout against Jake Ellenberger.

In that fight, Masvidal blitzed Ellenberger with punches during the first few exchanges before a bizarre incident stopped the fight. After Masvidal opened up with a barrage of shots pushing his opponent backwards, Ellenberger somehow got his toe trapped between the cage wall and the floor before eating several punches that forced the referee to stop the fight.

Masvidal was in complete control up to that point, but Cerrone still doesn't buy that as a legitimate victory.

"We'll see what kind of feedback we get from Jorge on that. He's not really a finisher fighter guy. His last fight he accidentally won and that's really the only fight I've seen of him. He's really a decision fighter guy. He's not really after the kill ever. We'll see what Jorge shows up," Cerrone said.

"He's like split decision guy. It's whatever. I finish mother (expletive). That's how I fight. I've always go out for a finish and I'm looking to finish him, too. Just put him another check on the (expletive) list of people I'm running through."

As much as Cerrone insists that nothing Masvidal has said got under his skin, he's definitely heard all about it since this matchup came together.

Now Cerrone says it's time for Masvidal to walk the walk after he had no problem talking the talk.

"(Let's see) if he's really all the (expletive) big bad ass talk that he says he is and comes rip my (expletive) head off. Tell that (expletive) I'll see him January 28," Cerrone said.

"If he wants to (expletive) come hard at me, I'll be ready."

Listen to the rest of Cerrone's interview on the Fight Society podcast via Soundcloud or download and subscribe to the show via iTunes. 


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