Carlos Condit wants the winner of Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald

BY Damon Martin • June 1, 2015

For over a year, Carlos Condit had to sit on the sideline and watch the welterweight division move on with out him while he was dealing with rehabilitation after blowing out his knee in March 2014.

Condit admits that during his time away he still watched the sport, but only as an observer because obsessing about wins and losses and the fighters now ruling the roost while he was gone would only serve to drive him mad.

On Saturday night, Condit returned to the division to reclaim his spot as he sliced and diced former welterweight title challenger Thiago Alves in a fight that only made it to the end of the second round.

Condit blasted Alves with a series of elbow strikes in Round 2 that crushed and crumbled the Brazilian's nose like a soda can. Following the end of the round, on the advice of the ringside physician, the fight was stopped due to the damage inflicted upon Alves and Condit was declared the winner.

The victory was the end of a long road back for Condit after his first major injury since debuting in 2002.

Following the win, Condit wasted no time to announce his intentions of climbing back into the title race — issuing a challenge to whoever wins the upcoming UFC 189 co-main event between welterweight champion Robbie Lawler and top contender Rory MacDonald.

"My performance speaks for itself," Condit said. "I want whoever has the title in a couple months. Whether it's Rory or whether it's Robbie Lawler, I want that guy."

Condit has history with MacDonald because he handed the Canadian his first professional loss back in 2010. MacDonald has been itching for a rematch ever since and if he wins the title on July 11, a fight with Condit might make for a great first title defense.

Condit has never faced Lawler but considering the way both fighters are known for exciting finishes and highlight reel knockouts, there's little doubt that would also be an easy matchup to sell.

Whatever happens next, Condit is back in the mix at 170 pounds and he's no longer just a fan who is watching fights while waiting for his knee to heal.

He's stalking the top fighters in the welterweight division with his sights set on conquering the champion by the end of 2015. 

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