Watch Juan Cazares stripe a beautiful goal from inside his own half

BY Alex Dowd • December 14, 2016

Sometimes, despite seemingly every line of reason telling you not to do something, you get a gut feeling and go ahead and do it anyway. Atletico Mineiro's Juan Cazares had that gut feeling Wednesday night.

With his team trailing late in the Copa do Brasil final, the 24-year-old noticed Gremio goalkeeper Marcelo Grohe well off his line. Despite being well inside his team's own half, Cazares took an audacious rip. The result was magical.

It looks like a bit of a desperation heave, but that's because it is. It also explains subdued celebration from the Ecuadorian midfielder.

Unfortunately for Atletico Mineiro, by this point they'd already lost the Copa do Brasil. They lost the first leg last month 3-1, and Gremio had just added to the aggregate score in the 89th minute. Cazares and Atletico Mineiro were all but finished, but there was still the opportunity for magic. Cazares delivered the goods.

Sure, the Roosters didn't win Copa do Brasil, but this long-range blast is a decent consolation.


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