Real Madrid stars settled the Spain vs. Rest of the World debate with a skill challenge

BY Alex Dowd • December 29, 2016

With the winter holidays in full force, most leagues (get it together, England) are on hiatus to allow players and teams a respite. Still, despite the allure of delicious food and gravitational pull of the chaise lounge, players need to stay in shape.

A handful of Real Madrid's stars opted to spice up training this week, mixing in a bit of real-life FIFA 17 skills. Free kicks were the name of the game, complete with targets, a wall and the seemingly arbitrary scoring system FIFA uses.

Dani Carvajal and Karim Benzema stepped up as team captains. After a schoolyard-style draft, the teams were set. Carvajal selected a team of his fellow Spaniards: Marco Asensio, Ruben Yanez and Lucas Vasquez. Benzema got the non-Spanish crop: James Rodriguez, Raphael Varane and Keylor Navas.

Yanez went first and got the biggest laugh, sending his attempt well wide. One of his Real Madrid teammates joked, "Does this guy make his living playing football?" Yanez would get his redemption later, though. James pretty much carried his team, which was kind of unfairly sandbagged with Navas.

It all came down to Round 3, where Yanez delicately placed a shot into the upper right corner of the goal and nailed the target. Spain defeated the Rest of the World in a close one. The real winners, though? Anyone who wanted to see a Real Madrid player not named Cristiano Ronaldo take a free kick.


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