Liverpool fan gets 3-year ban for Barcelona fountain push

July 10, 2019

LIVERPOOL, England (AP) — A Liverpool fan filmed pushing a man into a fountain before a Champions League semifinal in Barcelona has been banned from attending all games for three years.

Merseyside Police says 57-year-old Anthony Mullen has appeared at a criminal court in Bootle, near Liverpool, on Wednesday.

Film of a second incident in May, of him pulling down the pants of a match steward before a Premier League game at Anfield, also circulated on social media.

Merseyside officer Superintendent Paul White says "two innocent men were targeted and humiliated by Mullen."

The officer says police "would like to thank the members of the public, including Liverpool fans, who helped us to identify Mullen."

A banning order prevents a fan "attending any regulated football matches during that time."

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