The Ultimate Writer: Julian Erosa breaks down Episode 6

November 2, 2015

On this episode we start off with Conor verbally jabbing at Urijah about his teammate, TJ Dillashaw. Connor has been calling TJ a 'snake in the grass' because TJ has decided to train with Duane Ludwig, a former Team Alpha Male coach, who has moved on from Team Alpha Male due to some disagreements with the owner, Urijah Faber.

Things really start to escalate after me and Mehdi have weighed in. Conor's talk has visibly pissed off all the USA coaches, including Cody 'No Love' who I could tell was on the edge of his seat ready to say or do something. Andre 'Touchy' Fili had told Conor he wasn't gonna sit there and let him talk bad about his boy, TJ.  Conor asked Andre what he was gonna do about it and Cody, ready to say something, gets up and says, "I'll do something about it". Once Conor stood up, Cody decides to push Conor, which caused both teams and coaches to get into a kind of mosh pit pushing contest. I was more worried about rehydrating than getting involved, but it was definitely an interesting and entertaining situation. 

Next, we have the fight. I feel like I was able to out-maneuver and pick apart Mehdi's flat-footed style. I definitely got the better of the exchanges and hit Mehdi with about twice the strikes than what he landed. I do admit that his strikes were harder but I didn't want to have a brawl with someone who favors a brawl. I decided to keep the movement up and pick him apart and that's exactly what I did in both the first and second rounds. 

Could it have gone to a third? Most definitely!


What viewers missed on the show was me asking for a third round, but I can't control what the judges say or do. He obviously was frustrated by the outcome, so he should have fought better. When I have lost in the past, I've never made excuses! I take losses and put them on myself because that's who it lies on. I give props to Mehdi for a great fight and hope we both can learn from it. 

Next up is my boy Thanh Le, who has outstanding stand up vs 'The Big Swede' Martin Svenson. Hopefully we can keep the wins on the USA side.