Luke Rockhold winning at life: gets UFC title shot, hangs out with Taylor Swift

BY Damon Martin • August 18, 2015

UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold is having a pretty epic week by anybody's standards.

First and foremost, Rockhold finally got the long-awaited call to battle Chris Weidman at UFC 194 in December, where he will challenge for the 185-pound championship for the first time since joining the promotion from Strikeforce.

If that wasn't enough, Rockhold also attended a Taylor Swift concert, which could be viewed as a detriment as much as a compliment depending on how you feel about the pop princess' music. But he didn't just get to sit and watch like the rest of the paying customers.

No, Rockhold got to hang out with “T. Swift” after the concert was over as well.

Rockhold posted the picture on his Instagram account just to brag a little bit more after initially teasing that he was at the concert.

Maybe he was getting roped into ending Swift's ongoing feuds with any number of former boy-banders and pop stars -- all of whom Rockhold would likely thrash in less time than it takes Ronda Rousey to dispatch her opponents.

No matter the reason, Rockhold is definitely winning at life and he's not afraid to show it. 

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