Foster buys Segways for Texans offensive line

December 20, 2012

HOUSTON -- The basic idea was nothing new. A running back wanted to show his appreciation for his offensive line. Usually that involves a series of steak dinners, a watch, something generic enough for everybody but expensive enough to mean something to a millionaire.
Well, Houston Texans running back Arian Foster is unusual. Wednesday he gave every member of the Texans' offensive line a Segway. You know, the motorized scooter favored by mall cops and airport personnel.
"They're like polar bears on ice," Foster said.
Foster, who has rushed for 1,313 yards this season, rides a Segway of his own.
"Anytime I give a gift, I always try to give somebody something thoughtful," Foster said. "A couple of guys like Chris Myers and (Duane Brown) and Wade Smith, they're always getting on me about riding my Segway, saying, 'You can't walk? You're too good to walk?' And I'm like, 'No, man, I would just rather ride wheels.'"
A new Segway costs about $5,000, depending on the options, meaning Foster spent about $50,000 hooking up all 10 of the Texans' offensive linemen.
"I can't do anything without them," Foster said. "If there is no them, there is no me. That's what a team is all about. It's just my way of giving back to the big fellas up front."