Benches clear after notorious Miami bat-flipper showboats grand slam

BY foxsports • June 12, 2016

Edgar Michelangeli is giving Blue Jays star Jose Bautista a run at his crown as the most notorious bat-flipper.

The University of Miami infielder was at it again Sunday, hitting a critical grand slam in the seventh inning against Boston College in the Super Regional. Michelangeli enjoyed every second of the blast, taking his time as he made his way toward first base then flipping the bat.

As Michelangeli made his way toward home plate he exchanged words with the Eagles catcher. Soon after, the benches cleared as emotions ran high. No punches appeared to be thrown, and the Hurricanes went on to win 9-3.

This isn't the first time Michelangeli took some time to admire his work. He hit a dramatic three-run homer in the ninth against N.C. State last month to give the Canes an 8-7 win.

After hitting the shot, Michelangeli slowly walked down the first-base line -- bat pointed toward the sky while still in hand -- and then looked into his own dugout. He punctuated the moment by flipping the bat high in the air.

Michelangeli has a flair for the dramatic at the plate and wants everyone to know about it.

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