Andrew Bogut tells Australia's NBL to butt out of timeouts

November 13, 2018

SYDNEY (AP) — Former NBA player Andrew Bogut has a message for his new league back in his home country: butt out of time outs if you don't like the language being spoken. The National Basketball League isn't listening.

Bogut, playing for the Sydney Kings in the NBL, played nearly 700 games in the NBA and was a first-round pick by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2005.

The 33-year-old center reacted on Twitter Wednesday when reports emerged that the Australian league plans to crack down on swearing during televised timeouts. The league broadcasters were given permission to film the team talks at the start of this season, which began in October.

Basically, Bogut said if you don't like the heat, get out of the huddle.

"1st option: 5 second delay. Technology is beaut in 2018. 2nd option: Get out of timeouts," Bogut tweeted. "Players/coaches are fiery and emotional. (Which means they care and want to win)."

Under the new rules, players and coaches will be fined if the televised timeout huddle catches any audible swear words. The rules take effect this weekend.

The NBL said in a statement Wednesday it wanted to "continue to take people into the moment."

"Most of the clubs give fantastic access and it's a case of working with coaches to educate them that what they say at certain times during a game will be live," the NBL said.

"We are a family sport and want to reduce the risk of bad language going to air while ensuring that we continue to give fans and viewers watching great access through the broadcast. Sanctions, including fines, are really a last resort..."

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