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The Match: Everything you need to know

May 28

Practice is underway for the four NFL quarterbacks partaking in The Match at The Wynn Las Vegas on June 1. The 12-hole exhibition will air on TNT at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Veterans Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers will square off against Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen in a charity golf event that has raised $33 million and donated 12 million meals to Feeding America since its debut in 2018, according to the Bills.

Brady and Rogers are favored to win the event at -167, per FOX Bet.

At a media event on Wednesday, the four participants gave a glimpse at what fans might hear during the competition, and that sounded like a lot of trash talk.

"I think once Tom's script from his team runs out of jokes, I don't think he's going to be able to really think on his feet like that," Allen said, via ESPN. "I feel like I've got a lot of practice and just kind of wit and off-the-cuff stuff. I think Aaron's a little better in that aspect, but yeah, Tom is going to have his little note card out there and he's going to run out eventually, and I don't think he's going to know what to do."

Brady immediately answered Allen’s dig with an unscripted comeback.

"I will come prepared like I always do to everything, and you know, it's different, golf s--- talk's a little different than pro football s--- talk," Brady said. "Usually, pro football s--- talk is, you usually have to back that up. Josh really hasn't backed up much on the football field in his career, let's be honest, especially playing against me.

"I would just say it's going to look like what it's looked like for a long time against him, and Patrick, although he's played a lot of great games, he didn't really win the important ones. He has won a few of the other ones, but not the really important ones."

Brady has played in this event twice before and has gone 0-2. Last year Brady was paired with pro golfer Phil Mickelson, losing to a pairing of Rodgers and pro Bryson DeChambeau. This year, there won't be any PGA golfers in the event.

Regardless, Brady and Rodgers believe their age and experience outweigh the youthful, first-time competition.

"When we started [in the NFL], definitely when [Brady] started and when I started playing, there was actual, real trash talk. Like, guys trash-talked each other and there was a lot of good s--- talk, and we knew who they were around the league," Rodgers said. "And now, it's more buddy-buddy, you know, social media following each other, memes, this emoji s---, and it's not the same. So, when you talk about Kermit the Frog [Mahomes, per memes] and Josh [Allen] trying to s--- talk me and Tom, a couple old-school, grizzled vets. Come on."

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