Rice, Weatherford on why they're donating brains to science

March 4, 2015

When it comes to downplaying concussions, the atmosphere and awareness in the NFL have both evolved recently.

Former NFL wide receiver Sidney Rice -- who played seven seasons with the Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks -- noticed the difference when he broke into the league back in 2007.

"No one was really paying a lot of attention to concussions," Rice said during a recent interview on "Fox and Friends," where he and New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford explained their intention to donate their brains to science after their deaths.

Rice, who suffered an estimated 10 concussions during his playing career, hopes his brain can be used to help find a treatment for chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a disease that has afflicted several former NFL players.


Weatherford hasn't suffered as many head injuries during his long career, but he hopes his brain can still come in handy as a point of comparison to players' brains with more damage.

"You want to help the future and pay it forward," Weatherford said.

You can watch the segment above.