Loudon should say where Fords stand

BY Jeff Hammond • September 20, 2013

I think this weekend at New Hampshire Motor Speedway we are going to see more of what we saw at Chicago. I think our championship contenders will flex their muscle and be up front.

I mean, think about it: they better be, because that’s why they are in the Chase.

One storyline I am going to follow is that of the Fords. I am curious to see if they are going to get themselves back up in the middle of all this. I know they have worked really, really hard on their flat-track program.

Obviously, this weekend is one of those places, and then in early November, hosting the next-to-last race, Phoenix is the other flat track in the Chase.

Those two tracks obviously represent a fifth of the races in the Chase. Ford drivers know they can’t afford to give up any points at those places. They also have the benefit of knowing Carl Edwards won at Phoenix earlier this year.

I think they feel like they have decent race cars everywhere else, but now they really are putting a focus, not only on their flat-track program but also getting their short-track program in line.

So I am looking to see if the Fords have done their homework like they say they have. Obviously, we’ll know if we see results on the track starting this weekend. If they haven’t, then I think we all are still looking at the battle between the No. 20, No. 18 and No. 48 teams for the championship.

That doesn’t mean a Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon or Kurt Busch might not stick their nose in this fight and upset some apple carts before it is all said and done.

The bottom line: I expect the same battle we saw Sunday night at Chicago to be continued Sunday afternoon in Loudon.

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