Is Watkins Glen do or die time for Tony Stewart's Chase hopes?

BY Jeff Hammond • August 7, 2014

The bad news is the sands in the regular-season hourglass are rapidly running out and Tony Stewart desperately needs a win to guarantee his spot in the 2014 Chase. Now the good news is we are racing at Watkins Glen this weekend where Tony has been dominate in the past. Now I've been saying all year that Tony is one of my picks to make the Chase, but he's going to have to get a win to do it.

What I see standing in Tony's way this weekend, however, is Marcos Ambrose, because he is all but flawless on road courses. Actually this weekend is probably Marcos' last shot at making the Chase, so the pressure is really going to be on him big-time, too -- just like Tony.

Honestly, if you tell me I have to pick right now today -- unless he has mechanical issues, I would have to say my pick to win at Watkins Glen is Marcos because he literally is that much more superior to the rest of the drivers when it comes to Watkins Glen. It is a unique track that is very fast and for whatever reason it fits perfectly into Marcos' wheelhouse.

Tony can win at Watkins Glen. He has the record to prove it. The problem is Tony has a guy from Australia standing in his way who might keep him from winning this weekend. While this might be Marcos' last shot at making the Chase, the cool thing about Tony Stewart is he can win anywhere anytime. So, unlike Marcos, Tony is going to have a few more opportunities after this weekend. 

VIDEO: Jeff Hammond previews Watkins Glen

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