Danica tracker: Wreck ends her Vegas run

BY foxsports • February 27, 2010

A week after a difficult race in Fontana, Calif., Danica Patrick is in Las Vegas for her third career NASCAR start.

Did she hit the jackpot in her final start before going back to the IndyCar Series? Relive the action below.

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Lee Spencer: In the garage, crew chief Tony Eury Jr. says McDowell went to the team and apologized for the crash.

Post-wreck Danica: ""The car ahead of me was going slow on the back straight. ... I learned for sure. We had a better car ... Unfortunately we got caught with a driver that wasn't looking and a spotter that wasn't calling ... All and all, I was having fun out there, It was a shame I was taken out ...

"I felt better about the car. It's a shame because I was getting comfortable ... Thanks to Kevin Harvick I was learning more. That was real cool of him."

Michael McDowell turned down into Danica Patrick's line to begin the accident. Tough luck for Patrick, she ran a lot better than last week.

Spotter: "You were doing just fine. You had that thing rolling."

CAUTION 3 - Lap 84: "Danica Patrick is in a big accident. "Holy s***, he just turned down. that was b*******. The dude has a broken right rear bumper and he's trying to race? Seriously, what is his spotter thinking, Chip?"

Lap 81: Eury: "38.79, best lap. Doing a nice job here."

Lap 80: Eury: "You're a half-second faster than everybody. Keep it rolling"

Lap 78: Danica Patrick is 27th after the pit cycle, one lap down. :Lost a lot of time in the pits because of a problem with a lugnut.

Lap 77: Eury:  "Nice job. Get all you can"

Lap 74: Danica Patrick pits from third place.

Lap 72: Eury: "Get low girl, get low, we're going to pit in a few laps"

Lap 70: Danica got passed for position, but keeps third as somebody ahead of her pits.

Lap 69: Eury: "Just run your lap girl"

Lap 67: Danica Patrick up to third.

Lap 66: Danica up to fourth. Spotter: "Doing fine, doing fine. Nice run off of (Turn) 2 there"

Lap 64: Eury: "Just run your line. A lot of these guys have new tires"

Lap 64: Danica: "I have much more of a push on the bottom"

Lee Spencer says on Lap 61: Drivers have not cycled out after pits and her competitors have new tires. Danica up to 7th on Lap 61.

Lap 60: Danica up to 10th for the first time in her NASCAR career (pit cycle under way).

Lap 59: Spotter: "Hit your marks, no pressure. Get in line there like we're giving out diplomas"

Lee Spencer says on Lap 58: With pit stops taking place. Patrick is currently 20th and back on lead lap.

Lap 57: Leaders begin to pit.

Lap 55: Eury: "31.25 (Second lap). Good line, keep it up"

Lap 54: Eury: "I think (Harvick) wants you to try his line. That's why he's waving at you"

Lap 53: Danica just got put a lap down by Kevin Harvick, but he needs to pit shortly.

Lap 53: Eury: "Keep digging girl. The leader has to pit here in about 10 laps"

Lap 52: Danica is currently 25th, last car on the lead lap.

Lap 49: Danica: "Can I turn my right front blower on?" | Eury: "Yes, all of 'em."

Lap 48: Eury: "31.25 (lap time) will put you in the top 10. Keep going"

Lap 46: Spotter to Danica: "Hit your marks, hit your marks, get what you can."

Lap 42: Danica: "It's hard man. They're really holding me up" | Eury: "We just have to find some clean air here."

Lap 40: Eury: "Still no pressure from behind. You can still get em there. Try that middle lane. One groove up. See what you think"

Lap 38: Race leader Kevin Harvick has started lapping cars on the track. Danica is about 9 seconds ahead of the leader - Harvick is really running fast..

Radio chatter on Lap 34: Tony Eury Jr. is reading Patrick her lap times. She is currently 27th.

Radio chatter on Lap 24: Eury: "Focus on that 87 ahead of you, doing good" Patrick is currently running 26th.

Michael McDowell has be evaluated and released after his accident.

RESTART - Lap 21:Danica is 27th at the restart. Kevin Harvick continues to lead. Five cars are already in the garage.

During the caution, Tony Eury Jr. and Danica are discussing how to read the tachometer lights and how to avoid speeding on pit road.

Radio chatter after the pit stop: Eury: "Watch that fender on the right front today when you come off the banking."

Lap 18: Danica enters the pits in 28th place. Tony Eury Jr.: "Go, go, go. Easy on the motor"

Radio chatter under caution: Danica: "When a car spins, it's kind of like a football I dont know where it's going to go"

Radio chatter under caution: Danica: "When I slow down and get off the gas, I have a vibration for sure. Dont know if that came from the wheel spin at the start."

CAUTION 2 - Lap 16: Michael McDowell spins coming into Turn 1 and then slides up into the wall.

Radio chatter on Lap 15: Danica: "Sorry. I didnt know what to do on that start. I didnt think I could pass anyway"

Lee Spencer on Lap 15: Track is kicking up a lot of debris, particularly on the backstretch.

RESTART - Lap 13: Danica is on the outside at the start. So far today, the outside line has been stronger so this should help her.

Radio chatter on Lap 12: Danica: "There's a lot of oil dry out here." | Eury replies it will be dusty for a while

Lap 11: Danica is up to 28th. Up front, Kevin Harvick leads while the Joe Gibbs duo of Kyle Busch and Denny Hamlin are second and third respectively.

Radio chatter on Lap 8: Danica asks: "Did (Bires) hit the wall, blow up or both?" | Eury: "Both"

Radio chatter on Lap 6: Patrick: "Car wasnt too bad. Maybe a little hesitant on the rear." Crew chief Tony Eury Jr. tells her to leave her fans off. He might decide to tape up the grill after the next stop. Eury says, "You done a nice job there."

Lap 6: Danica's teammate, Kelly Bires hits the wall in Turn 2 (was running 11th before the crash). Danica running 30th.

Lap 2: Danica up to 32nd (two positions gained)

Lap 1: Danica Patrick up to 34th (3 positions gained).


Radio chatter going to the green: Patrick shows concern because pit road is still wet. Rain is 42 miles out.

Radio chatter going to the green: Tony Eury Jr.: "The storm is coming. There trying to get as much done before the rain comes."

For what it's worth, Mandalay Bay has Danica at 75-1 odds to win today's race.

Radio chatter before the race: "Tony Eury tells Danica to check the position of the pit stall in the opening laps. Eury understands how important it is for a driver to know the location of the pit stall

Radio chatter before the race: "Hey Danica, you got me? It's Landon (Cassill, Hendrick Motorsports development driver). We're going forward from here. I'll be here if you have any questions."

6:05 p.m. ET - The command has been given and engines are fired. As a reminder, Danica is starting 37th today.

Today's Sam's Town 300 is scheduled for 200 laps around Las Vegas Motor Speedway. No drivers are going to the rear of the field at the start of today's race.

Jorge Mondaca: All the rubber has been washed off the track due to the rain. This will certainly impact grip levels early in the race.

5:50 p.m. ET - Drivers have been ordered back to their cars, we should be going racing soon.

5:25 p.m. ET - Dryers have been on track for a while and they are working on a few damp spots around the 1.5-mile circuit.

4:25 p.m. ET - Rain sprinkles forced an early end to practice for the Sprint Cup Series before today's Nationwide Series race and is also delaying the start of today's race. Skies are clearing up and we should be going racing shortly.

Danica Patrick did not have a good qualifying session today and as a result will start 37th. Up front, Brad Keselowski won the pole, edging out Kevin Harvick for the honors today. (Starting lineup)

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