Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s NASCAR Media Tour schedule is insane

BY Tom Jensen • January 25, 2017

Today is the second and final full day of the NASCAR Media Tour hosted by Charlotte Motor Speedway.

More than 230 media members from across the county, and around the world, will gather at the Charlotte Convention Center today to gather material for the upcoming racing season — interviews, photographs, podcast, videos and more.

For the more than 40 drivers in NASCAR’s three national touring series, the media tour is a chance to meet with print, radio and television reporters. They also get promo photographs taken and do production work for their teams, automakers, and sponsors.

It’s a busy day for the drivers, as 14-time NASCAR Most Popular Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. showed us in this Tweet. And Earnhardt’s schedule isn’t an anomaly; all the full-time drivers will go through something similar this week.

It’s just one more reminder that there’s a lot more to being a NASCAR driver than standing on the gas and turning left.

Get a look behind the scenes at the 2017 Charlotte Motor Speedway Media Tour with the official NASCAR on FOX Instagram story.



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