Could this be the year of the rookie in the Chase?

BY foxsports • August 24, 2016

This year will mark the 13th year since NASCAR has gone to the Chase format. In its 12-year history there has only been one rookie, Denny Hamlin in 2006, to ever make the Chase.

As it stands right now with three races to go it looks like the 2016 Chase will feature two rookies in Chase Elliott and Chris Buescher. I think that is a huge story for our sport.

To be fair, with the way our other rookie contender Ryan Blaney is running, I can't honestly sit here and tell you he might not win a race in these next three and join the other two in the Chase.

Actually I think the race at Michigan this weekend is a great opportunity for Ryan and his No. 21 team to pull off the win.

Anytime we can have new faces in the Chase, regardless of whether they are a rookie or not is a big story. Going back to Chase and Chris, if they both end up indeed making it in, the contrast between the two of them is astounding.

Naturally Chase stepped into a championship-contending car when he took over for our NASCAR FOX buddy Jeff Gordon this year. Chris, on the other hand, is with a team that has never even come close to making the Chase.