WATCH: Max Verstappen takes F1 car for ride on ski slope

BY Chase Wilhelm • January 15, 2016

From dirt to sand, Red Bull has tested the limited with their Formula One cars. For their next trick, Toro Rosso driver Max Verstappen has taken his car for an extreme joy ride on a ski slope in the Alps.

In the mountains of Kitzbuhel with a crowd of 3,500, Verstappen blasted his car up the incline as snow showered those looking on due to the chained attached to the tires for traction.

“It was something really special – not just driving on the snow but driving on top of the mountain," Verstappen said.

"The scenery was incredible, I enjoyed it a lot and I think all the spectators enjoyed it just as much as I did. I'd never driven any kind of car on snow or ice, never mind a Formula One car, it really was amazing."

Between his talent and unique personality, Verstappen is quickly standing out from the rest of the younger drivers and showing us he is something special.

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