FIA hopes to learn from Kevin Magnussen's F1 crash in Belgium

BY foxsports • August 29, 2016

The FIA will investigate the loss of Kevin Magnussen's cockpit headrest in Spa as part of its ongoing quest to improve safety.

TV replays showed the foam headrest being ejected from the car after the Dane hit the barrier at the top of Eau Rouge with what was logged as a 42G impact.

As is regular procedure after a heavy crash, the FIA has retained both the headrest and Magnussen's helmet for further research. Although he suffered only a minor ankle injury - and thus the car's safety systems did their job – the governing body is keen to learn from what happened.

According to the FIA technical regulations, the headrest is "located by two horizontal pegs behind the driver's head and two quick release fixings, which are clearly indicated and easily removable without tools, at the front corners."