UCLA DL Kenny Clark has become one of the most feared in football

October 28, 2015

UCLA's pass rush is ranked 3rd-worst in the conference and 73rd-best in the nation. Those aren't impressive numbers.

But according to Daily News, the pass rush could be "trending up" after a good performance vs. Cal's Jared Goff. The report mentions UCLA recorded 10 sacks in the first seven games, but 19 in the most recent five. Jack Wang credits Kenny Clark with the change, saying he commands a double team on every snap. 

“Once you get a sack, the mentality changes,” said Clark, in the report. “You just start seeing things differently. You start realizing weaknesses and you start realizing a lot of things."

Clark is currently ranked 4th-overall in the most recent Outland Trophy standings, which is an award given to the most outstanding interior lineman.


(h/t Daily News)

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