Tom Herman is already being asked about the possibility of being an NFL head coach

BY Aaron Torres • September 8, 2016

There's no other way to put it: Tom Herman is the hottest coach in college football right now. Take a win over Florida State in last year's Peach Bowl, add it in with an opening week victory over Oklahoma and the likelihood that the Cougars will be in the College Football Playoff discussion all year, and it has college teams drooling at the possibility of being their next head coach.  

However, on Thursday we got a new twist on Herman's future: Could he possibly be a candidate in the NFL?

Sports Illustrated had an interesting report about the possibility and then followed up by asking Herman point blank: Would he be interested in coaching in the NFL?

While he never outright said "no" he did give a fascinating answer:

He then continued:

It's a fascinating answer from an absolutely fascinating coach who is getting no shortage of publicity right now coming off a successful Year 1 at Houston and then whipping No. 3 Oklahoma to open the 2016 season.

Before the OU game, Herman gave another peak into the culture he values and why he's revered by players, saying to his team:

Safe to say Herman is a hot name on the coaching market and could have his choice of jobs come this December.

The question: If Houston gets into the Big 12, will he have any interest in leaving?

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