An Uber driver ripped Mack Brown, not realizing Brown was inside the car

BY Nate Scott • December 28, 2016

An Uber driver in San Antonio is going to have to accept that he isn't getting that 5-star rating on one of his rides this week.

ESPN's Adam Amin was hopping in an Uber ride in San Antonio this week along with his colleague Mack Brown, the former Texas coach who is now an ESPN college football analyst.

We'll let Amin take the story away from here:

This, this is bad. But props to Brown for playing it off so well, and thank goodness the Uber driver instantly recognized his mistake, because if he didn't, I could see him going off for 10-15 minutes about everything that is terrible about Brown, and that could have gotten really, really uncomfortable. And hilarious. But mostly uncomfortable.

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