Liverpool’s Road to Kiev | UEFA Champions League Final

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Relive Liverpool's long road to the Champions League final against Real Madrid.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here we go. For a place in the Champions League is Liverpool against UEFA novices Hoffenheim.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, and he teed up on Eldin and Salah. That's his first and field goal for the club.

ANNOUNCER 3: Firmino's in the middle. And Firmino will tap it in! Oh!

ANNOUNCER 4: And Manu. And they've got seven, just as they did away to Maribor.

ANNOUNCER 5: Liverpool and Porto and it's game on.

ANNOUNCER 6: Salah, the rebound! Tremendous!


ANNOUNCER 1: Since the draw was made, we've been counting the hours. It's no exaggeration to say that.

ANNOUNCER 8: Oxlade-Chamberlain, goes for goal, and finds it!

ANNOUNCER 6: And Ederson couldn't get it clearly. Mohamed Salah! 5-1 on aggregate. Will Roma pull off a second miracle underway? Mohamed Salah will not celebrate against his former team! They didn't do it the easy way. They did it their way. For the first in 11 years, Liverpool off to the Champions League final!