1. FC Koln vs. FC Schalke 04 | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Matchday 31 highlights between Koln and Schalke.

ANNOUNCER 1: --on their way. We take a look back at the match highlights. It all started brightly for Schalke. Very good challenge by Naldo, and then an excellent through ball for Konoplyanka to set him free.

ANNOUNCER 2: Phenomenal pass from Naldo, and Konoplyanka was on-form in the first 45 minutes. Excellent delivery for Embolo, whose determination got him ahead of Heintz in that position, where he could get his goal, and he got it.

ANNOUNCER 1: 23rd minute, even better from Konoplyanka. Best display-- best 45 minutes we've saw in a Schalke jersey. Cool effort in the bottom corner to make it 2-0.

ANNOUNCER 2: Well, some would say that's a world-class finish. I certainly would. It's a phenomenal build-up as well. And then Koln got back into this match, and it was a great goal. First chance they had in the first half. Bittencourt got his goal. Jonas Hector, who was pretty good today, with the assist.

ANNOUNCER 1: Yeah. Nice ball in behind. And then what about this for a free kick from Marcel Risse? Stunning

ANNOUNCER 2: It is stunning. It's like a knuckleball effect, where the ball moves for the goalkeeper. It's difficult. These types of conditions, it can happen. A point OK for Schalke. A point not good enough for Koln.

ANNOUNCER 1: Here are confirmation of all of the Matchday 31 results. Anyone in particular that stands out to you?

ANNOUNCER 2: Look at all the goals. The one that stands out to me more than anything is Hamburg's win over Freiburg. Freiburg are in free-for-all downfall. They look like the team who could be favorite to end up in the relegation playoff position. Hamburg have a chance.