Mainz vs. SC Freiburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch highlights between FSV Mainz 05 and SC Freiburg.

- --your highlights from the action, and incredible action it was. It started off with a protest ahead of takeoff against Monday night games.

And this was the controversial talking point. Lovely run from Brosinski on the right-hand side just ahead of half-time. There's the hand ball from Kempf.

Was it or was it not the correct decision? The referee said no initially. Video review said yes.

The referee then went over to have a look at video review and decided that because he was still on the field, he could still make that decision to bring the players back, after they've gone down the tunnel, onto the field for Pablo de Blasis to score the first goal. And the half-time whistle was then blown.

Into the second half, another protest from the supporters behind the goal against Monday night games. It's a similar theme we've witnessed all across the Bundesliga this campaign. The fans don't want it. Toilet paper thrown onto the field a couple of times, delay kickoff again for the second half.

An embarrassing moment right here for Schwolow. One of the best goalkeepers and best young goalkeepers in the Bundesliga will not like to see that.

Pablo de Blasis says thank you very much. He scored his fourth goal of the campaign, his third goal in two games, and he's single-handedly giving Mainz a Bundesliga lifeline.