Bayern celebrate Bundesliga title after win over Augsburg | 2017-18 Bundesliga Highlights

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Watch Bayern Munich react to their 6th consecutive title immediately after the whistle.

- --to be a champion.


And there is the final whistle. Bayern Munich are champions once again. We knew it was coming, and they made sure it happened today with a superb performance of the going done early. In your overall thoughts, what have we seen from Bayern Munich this season to get to this point?

- Well, it didn't start too well for Bayern under Ancelotti. There was a lot of criticism certainly directed at him, and the respect that was shown from the players into his direction. But this is just pure class. Jupp Heynckes just deserves all the credit for the job that he has done at Bayern Munich once again on the bench.

Look at the smile on the faces of these players. He manages somehow to keep every single player in the squad happy, and they all deserve credit. They all deserve some credit for the job that they have done to get Bayern back on track when there were 5, 6 points behind. And all of a sudden, to win the championship this early, the players, the coaches staff-- Jupp Heynckes in particular-- but also the supporters deserve credit for pushing this club forward. It's another championship that they fully deserve.

- The handshakes from Müller to Sandro Wagner. He knows what it means to the new man who just arrived in January. He arrived for moments like this. A big moment for him-- Thomas Müller-- only he's used to it. But he said, it never gets old. The fact that the new experience-- and he celebrates with Thiago and another man who wins his first Bundesliga crown in his first season, James Rodríguez.

There are the official standings. They move 20 points ahead of Schalke. If Schalke win all of the remaining games, it still wouldn't be enough to catch Bayern Munich.

- Yeah, it's fantastic. You know, the players deserve to celebrate. It is a local rival. Look at that support once again. It is not a long journey, but credit and respect goes to the Bayern fans all around the world who continue to push this club to be a force all around the world.

They continue to grow bigger and bigger at [INAUDIBLE] supported everywhere you go. They love to win games, they love to win championships, and there are some big games coming up for this club. But yet again, they left another Deutschemeister.

- There certainly is. April 11 in Sevilla, they will look to finish the job off in Champions League, and then it is Gladbach inside the [INAUDIBLE] early in the campaign in the Bundesliga. They'll look for revenge in that one. And then it is [INAUDIBLE] as they take on Bayer Leverkusen. Franck Ribéry-- eighth title for him. He joins some of the illustrious names-- Schweinsteiger, Kern, Mitchell and Philipp Lahm are the players who won eight titles.

But Jupp Heynckes-- he was brought back for this. He said the club has reacted so well to a new manager mid-season. What a season.

- What a season. Just enjoying watching these players playing with the pretend Meisterschale. It's fantastic to watch the smile on these faces. The determination and quality of Bayern is just world class. This is their just reward for a lot of hard work, and Jupp Heynckes deserves all the credit. He's nowhere to be seen right now, but he deserves all the credit.

- Yeah, he's a man that doesn't like the limelight, does he? He lets his players enjoy that, and he had all the injured players as well come. He said it's important we're all together for this, and they join in the celebrations. Bayern Munich once again the Bundesliga champions, and they win today by four goals to one.