What to expect from Bayern and Dortmund today in Der Klassiker

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Alec Wilkinson and Thomas Hitzlsperger preview the next battle between the German giants.

- Hello. Welcome to the Allianz Arena where its their classic time, and whereby Munich are hoping to take a step further to becoming the German champions for a sixth consecutive time.

They could have won it, of course, here tonight. But Schalke's win earlier on today means they're going to have to wait a little bit longer to seal the deal.

Thomas Hitzlsperger joins me now to watch the game.

Thomas, they were hoping really to seal the championship here in front of their home crowd. That's not to be. So a little bit disappointing. But nonetheless, as a man, you know, with Stuttgart you won the title of Bundesliga. Will it mean any less that this is their sixth consecutive title when it comes?

- Oh, it doesn't mean less. The thing is with Bayern, when you're used to winning the Bundesliga title, I don't think they will celebrate much, you know, as soon as they win it.

Also, you know, they focus on the Champions League. They are so much used to winning games, winning Bundesliga titles, that I think today's game is more or less preparation for Tuesday when they play in the first [INAUDIBLE] League quarterfinal against Seville.

ALEC WILKINSON: It's incredible to think that when Jupp Heynckes took over early in the season, Bayern were five points behind Dortmund. They're now 18 points ahead. So how did he do it?

- Well, he's so experienced. And if you ask the players, his main management skills are, you know, probably the best you can imagine. And he's-- he was a manager for Real Madrid. He's been here before. Won the [INAUDIBLE] with Bayern. Everybody's got huge respect.

And I think he demands discipline, on and off the pitch. But often enough, gives them the freedom. Because he's got world class players. And the combination. That's it. And everybody respects him here. And that's why we see so many good games.

ALEC WILKINSON: Now, he came out of retirement, of course, to take the job here. His contract ends in June. He'll be 73 by then. Can we presume then that Bayern Munich are looking for another manager?

- Well, that's what they have to do. I think [INAUDIBLE] are going to try to convince him to stay on. But he's made it clear. You know, he's reached a stage in his life where he wants it more quiet. He's helped the club to get in a good position. But Bayern now must look for a new manager.

And it's hard enough, because [INAUDIBLE] has done a phenomenal job.

ALEC WILKINSON: All right. Well, we've talked about Bayern. We shouldn't forget Borussia Dortmund. They're really here to win it. They've got everything to play for.

- I doubt it. I mean, I expect them to come here not to lose. Because what they want to achieve is qualify for the Champions League next season. All they want to get is a point, and to, you know, compete with [INAUDIBLE] Leipzig, and Frankfurt, and one or two other teams. To come here and win is not easy. And Peter Stoger is known for being more defensive.

He's got good players. So I'd hope that he will throw in a few good players to score goals. But then Mr. Marco Royce. And he is, for me, a key player.

ALEC WILKINSON: OK. Let's talk briefly, because we're running out of time, about your old side, Stuttgart, who you're back with at the academy there. And their new assistant coach, you know, American football legend Steve Cherundolo. He's doing really well since joining in January as assistant coach.

- Well, I'm delighted he is with us now. He's so experienced. And, you know, since he's arrived, the club's improved heavily. And we are happy to have him, because he's got the experience. And every time, every day he walks around with a smile on his face.

As I said, hopefully he will be there for a long time, because he's been very successful with us.

- OK. Well, here at the Allianz, we're building up with the atmosphere. It's known to be a feisty affair. That's why it's called a Classica. And it's with us very soon at noon Eastern, live on Fox.