Manny Machado on NLDS win after 3-run homer in Game 4

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Tom Verducci talks with Manny Machado following the Los Angeles Dodgers NLDS win over the Atlanta braves in Game 4.

- Manny Machado, you came into Game Four with one hit in the series. You came out with two extra base hits, four RBIs. What clicked for you today?

- Staying with my approach. Not going to change anything. You know, go out there and keep doing what I'm doing. You know, things will change. And I was able to make good contact with the pitches that they missed, and you know, things turned around.

- You had the big dagger in the game, the three run homer in the seventh inning. You saw six straight fastballs. As the at-bat went on, did you feel like the advantage swung to your favor?

- Definitely. You know, any time you can see more pitches it's going to help, obviously. And I faced them the day before, so I kind of knew his slide in the back of my mind as well. So, you know, at that point I'm just trying to drive in one run, at least, at that point, after you're down two. And I was able to get one up in the air, good pitch that he made, and you know, get drive in three.

- Thanks, Manny.

- Thank you.