Freddie Freeman on Atlanta staying alive with Game 3 win: ‘That’s what it’s all about right there’

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Freddie Freeman reacts to the Braves forcing Game 4 of the NLCS with a dramatic 6-5 win over the Dodgers.

- Freddie Freeman, ninth inning, the tie and go-ahead runs on base. And Arodys Vizcaino pitches out of it. How long did that inning seem?

- It seemed like a while. My heart's still pounding. That's what it's all about right there. This is what you work for to get a chance to win a ballgame. And we got that chance, and we'll see you guys tomorrow.

- This is a young team tonight playing, really for its playoff life. You blow a 5-run lead and win the game. What was said? How did you withstand the Los Angeles comeback?

- That's how we've been all year. Really have. It's been incredible the way we've come back. Even though we had a 5-run lead and lost it, we knew we still had a chance to win this game. I was able to get a pitch up, and get it over into the seats.

REPORTER: And for you, I know you always love to hit first pitches, against Alex Woods specifically, your former teammate. What are you looking for?

FREDDIE FREEMAN: He struck me out two days ago on a slider. So I thought he'd go do his out pitch with a tie ball game. So it was kind of sit-and-slider, and I got 1-0.

- Game four tomorrow. There is a tomorrow. We don't know who's pitching. But how do you like your chances after the big win tonight?

- I like our chances. We've got a uniform on, so we know we've got a chance. We're going to come out here and give it all again.

- Thanks, Freddie.

- Thank you.

- Back to you.