Ken Rosenthal explains why Manny Machado might not be the best fit for the Dodgers

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Ken Rosenthal explains why LA's weak bullpen and abundance of infielders makes a trade for Manny Machado unlikely.

- Time now for our "Inside Pitch." Let's welcome in Ken Rosenthal from Anaheim. He'll be with that Dodger-Angel broadcast coming up here on Fox. Ken, always good to see you. And a lot of rumors surrounding Manny Machado, and their heating up more and more. What are the Dodgers' chances? And how would they pull this off if they were to make the deal?

- Chris, they are definitely involved. So the Arizona Diamondbacks, the team the Dodgers are battling in the NL West, as well as several other clubs. For the Dodgers, this would not be a particularly easy fit. They'd be taking on the balance of Machado's $16 million salary at a time when they are trying to stay under the luxury tax threshold.

Most likely, they also would need to trade an outfielder, perhaps Joc Pederson. With Machado at short, Chris Taylor wold figure to get most of his at bats at second. That would push Max Muncy to first and Cody Bellinger to center field. Now keep in mind as well, the Dodgers badly need to upgrade their bullpen. So it's a lot to pull off at one deadline, but for Machado, it just might be worth it.

- And for Dodger fans. Thanks, Ken, we'll see you in the game and then look forward to seeing you on "MLB Whiparound" all week over on FS1.