Jack Flaherty: ‘It was not a good day’ against Giants

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Jack Flaherty on being pulled after 2 1/3 innings in the St. Louis Cardinals' loss to the Giants: "I wasn't able to get that pitch that I needed to get out of the inning."

REPORTER: Jack, just 2 and 1/3 today. Mike said it seemed like you kind of ran into a wall out there. What happened, do you think?

- I just sucked. It was just not a good day. I wasn't gonna get out of that inning. Try to execute pitches, but if I could execute a little better-- a few mistakes made but it was just one of those endings I wasn't able to get out of.

REPORTER: Stretch, Jack? That seemed to be kind of where it went. Did you feel something different?

- I felt like I was short-arming the ball a little bit. But I just don't think that I was able to-- I wasn't able to get that pitch that I needed to get out of the inning. It was one of those where we were one pitch where away. I came out, we got out of there without giving up any more runs, which was a great by Mike.

Coming into that situation and come out we only give up three, give us a chance to win the game, tie the ballgame 3-3. So it was back to an even ballgame after that. So great job by Mike coming in and really get out of that jam.