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INTERVIEWER: Here with Cole Hammer. Nice win today. Two up over Alvaro Ortiz. And Cole, first of all, let's get right into the match. Really close. You were one down with five to play. You made two birdies and an eagle coming in. Talk about those last five holes in your match.

COLE HAMMER: I really felt like I didn't have any momentum the entire day, even when I was two up through two. He kind of-- he got a great putt for a birdie on three and kind of stole the momentum all the way up until the 14th hole where I had a five footer for birdie. And he ended up making bogey. Came back down the slope. So that was great to get it back to all square.

And I made about a 15 foot slider on 15. Huge putt. And I got some momentum and really started feeling it. And then, the number 16. I thought I made the putt as well, and it just-- just missed on the low side. But I had a lot of momentum and a lot of confidence going to 17. And I made a great putt to stay one up there. And then, 18, it was crazy chipping in. To do that on 18 here, it was special.

INTERVIEWER: Yeah, I mean, really, really special to do that at Pebble Beach. Last time I talked to you-- so the US Amateur Four-Ball when you became a US Amateur USGA champion with Garrett Barber down at Jupiter Hills. You've been playing great this year. Won the Western Amateur. What do attribute-- do you attribute to that success this year to in your game?

COLE HAMMER: Well, I've really been hitting it great the last couple of years. And I've just really found something on the greens this past year. And I've been making a lot of putts and really seeing the line well. Probably reading the putts a little better than I had in the past. And also started working with Dr. Rotella about a year ago. And it's been great.

But I've also gotten a little bit stronger, started a strength-- strength program and gained about 20 yards off the tee. And kind of the same deal with the irons. So a lot's changed and I'm excited where my game's at.

INTERVIEWER: All right, well, Cole Hammer, congratulations on a win today. Face Joshua McCarthy tomorrow in the second round. Best of luck the rest of the week.

COLE HAMMER: Thank you.