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[MUSIC PLAYING] JOHN MORAN: What really makes the green complexes at Chicago Golf unique is just the sheer size. Most of them are about 10,000 square feet.

JOHN GUYTON: While the greens are big, you really have to plot your way around the course and get the right angles to be able to approach some of these areas of the greens.

JOHN MORAN: There's also a great set of design features that really are part of the template whole strategy that Donald Rainer developed. So we have a 7th hole is a redan hole that has a big sweep from right to left. The punch bowl green on the 12th hole really is my favorite hole on the golf course.

- Their designs feature a lot of squared off edges, and we probably have more squared off charges than any club.

JOHN MORAN: We have had the benefit of not a lot of changes happened here over the years. And so we haven't had any great renovation or reclamation projects. But one of the things that we have done is reclaim the edges of the green. So some of the square screens had been lost over time, just through green mowing practices. And other John Jennings, who is now at Shinnecock, we reclaimed those edges.

GIL HANSE: They challenge every single aspect of the game. Different lengths of club, different levels of accuracy, different levels of precision, in order to pull off the shot. And certainly different options and ways to play them.