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- Ever since we arrived here at Chicago Golf Club, the course has just been in fantastic shape. Scott Bordner and his team have done an incredible job getting this golf course ready for the championship, and now we're on the eve of the last practice round prior to Thursday's tee off, and we're just really tightening up some hole locations and giving the players an opportunity to see a lot of different alternate teeing grounds that we may utilize during the championship itself.

So here on the 10th hole, we have two teeing grounds-- one here at 151 yards and then another one at 136 yards-- and there is a strategy behind using both teeing grounds. Using this teeing ground, our strategy here is to give the player really a much shorter club into this hole, as it was designed to be played, and matching that up with a hole location that might be slightly easier. Whereas over here from the 151 yardage, we'll be looking to challenge the player in a slightly different way-- obviously to have a slightly longer club in their hand and to force them to make a better calculation of their yardage to a specific hole location.

As you can see, we're here on the 10th green on the short hole, and now that we're up close, we can see all of the movement that's going on on this green. And so what we've just gone through is we've confirmed our hole locations for the championship. We're going to continue to look at those. But we want to make sure that our green speed is matching up with the percent slope that we have found at particular hole locations and again matching up with the challenge that we want to present the player with the alternate teeing grounds as well. So again, course management, shot-making strategy is going to be really important for the player in determining their club selection in the shot that they decide to hit into this hole.