Joel Klatt on phantom Michigan holding call: ‘That is a penalty from Mars!’

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A late penalty call in Michigan's game against Northwestern left people scratching their heads.

ANNOUNCER: And Patterson runs it. He's got a first down. Patterson, quick feet out of bounds at the 40. But a flag on the play. Wow. Self-inflicted wounds. If this goes against Michigan, it will negate a 21-yard gain.

ANNOUNCER: Looks like it's in the spot of some sort of formation issue.

- Holding, offense number 22. 10-yard penalty, repeat second down.

ANNOUNCER: That's Higdon. Eight penalties, 80 yards against the Wolverines. Boy. He was the one that got the fake.

They called the penalty on Karan Higdon. This has to be a mistake. Higdon gets the ball, and he actually gets tackled right here and thrown down to the ground. How in the world is that holding on Karan Higdon? There's nobody else out there.

What in the world is that penalty? That is a penalty from Mars. You've got to be kidding me.