Jim Jackson ranks the Top 5 Point Guards in College Basketball

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FOX College Hoops analyst Jim Jackson shares his Top 5 Point Guards in College Basketball right now.

- Two guys that run the show very effectively for their respective teams right there-- Jim Jackson's out here on the basketball court. By the way, what's the strongest position in college basketball?

- It's obvious, point guard position. If you've got a strong point guard, you always give yourself a chance to win.

- And we got a lot of good point guards--

- A lot of good point guards.

- So you know what I need you to do for me--

- Talk to me.

- --and the people at home?

- Talk to me.

- I need you to give me your top five point guards in the nation right now. Can you do that, sir?

- Well, you know what? I can do it. It's kind of tough.

- Pass the rock to you.

- Give me the rock. It's kind of tough because the position is so deep throughout the country. But I'm going to start in North Carolina.

- OK.

- Joe Berry K. And the reason why is because he's a senior, he's been there, he's done that, Mike. And in critical situations, you want the ball in somebody's hands that you know can make a play, not only for himself, but for his teammates. You're not talking a lot about him because North Carolina, not a top five team. But come late tournament time, whether there's conference tournament, NCAA, you want the ball in this young man's hands that you know he can make shots. More importantly, he can make plays.

- Very consistent, always gets it done, and he plays for North Carolina. And that's number five. Who do you got in number four?

- Number four, bam, another senior, Devante' Graham, right now, top five in the big 12, and scoring assists, steals, and also free throw percentages. That means you can trust him in late game situations. If he wants to make a play, he gets fouled, he goes to the free throw line, he could knock it in. If not defensively, he plays well off the ball. You see him pass as almost like a cornerback or free safety to get steal to get out in transition. Again, a senior, been there, done that, leads his team.

- A big jump from his junior year. He nearly doubled his assist rate from last year. All right, five from four. What do you got at number three?

- Come on, man, the ball hog, right here. Von Carter, baby, he is what embodies West Virginia--

- West Virginia, baby.

- --gets up in your ashtray Young. Now Trae Young may have 29 points, or whatever it was when they played Oklahoma. But he made it a tough 29. This is a relentless ball hog. He gets up into you all the time, 3.6 steals a game, he's the ultimate leader. But more importantly, mike, he's just a dog. He's a competitor, a guy that you want on your team, but a guy that you really don't want to play against for 40 minutes.

- Best two-way point guard in the nation probably right now?

- Probably just from that attitude perspective.

- All right, five, four, three. All right, we're getting down to the crunch time. Who's number two, baby?

- Well, I've got to give it to my man right here. And Steve Lavin will love this, the lawnmower.

- The lawnmower, all right.

- Jalen Brunson, he doesn't wow you with athleticism, even though he's dunking with his left hand now. But his methodical nature makes it so hard for you to guard. You put the ball in his hands, and he'll get you from the three. He gets to the basket. He slows the pace. He pushes the pace, 3.7 assists.

Turnover ratio best in the Big East, seventh in division one. He's a proven winner. Again, learning from Arcidiacono, from being there for a while, now he's the ultimate leader, a guy that you want with the ball in his hands end of the game.

- Scoring over 20 points a game in Big East play. And once again, he does not turn the ball--

- No, he doesn't.

- 20 turnovers as a point guard this year. All right, so number one. Oh, you got some good names.

- I've got some good names.

- Man, who could possibly be number one? Hey, that's so hard.

- Now listen now, we've had three seniors, a junior.

- Right.

- But, my man, come on.

- It's good to be young.

- Come on, man, it's good to be young. Listen, the Steph Curry of NCAA basketball is Trae Young.

- Yes.

- And the reason why, it's dynamic what he's doing right now. He leads a nation in points per game and assists, also, two to one assistive turnover ratio. The shots are spectacular. What he's doing in regards to finishing with the floaters inside.

But the ability for him to understand how important his teammates are, Mike, to continue to get them involved in the game, that says a lot about his personality. He's playing with Lon Kruger, who coached in the NBA. So he understands what a point guard is supposed to be in regards to the next level. Trey young embodies that.

- He is averaging over 30 points a game. No major conference player has done that.

- But he's doing this. He's still doing this, and four rebounds a game.

- Leading the nation in assists.

- I wish I was on his team. You know why?

- Why?

- No, because everybody is going to focus on him. I'm going to be wide open.

- All right, I like that. That's the extra five.

- Like that? The extra five right there.

- Which one is he though?

- Well, you know what? Tito, because nobody gives Joe Berry no respect.

- There you go. I like that, man. You ask me to rock it back now, baby.


- Now you got to finish now.

- I'm going to finish, because we're about to go to break right now.