Big East Coaches & Players remember Martin Luther King Jr.

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On MLK day, Big East Coaches & Players remember Martin Luther King Jr and the impact he had on America

[THEME MUSIC] - As we look upon what's going on historically today, I think back to the things that he was involved with during that era, and the sacrifice he made for the betterment of others.

- He's was a great person. You know, paved the way for people like me, you know, to be here right now, and be able to play basketball.

- To commemorate a great African American that really has led our country's thinking. And we need to continue to learn from Martin Luther King Jr. And also to follow his philosophies.

- He brought a lot of passion to this country. And he changed a lot of lives. And to be able to play on MLK day, it's also a blessing.

- It means a lot. I mean, just for what Dr. King stood for, and his legacy, to be able to play on a day like that is really just important for our team.

- For us to celebrate Martin Luther King's legacy, it says something about our conference being a leader, and being on the forefront of social injustices, and so many different things that represents life.