Bill Raftery breaks down why he thinks West Virginia is the toughest team in College Basketball

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Bill Raftery explains why he thinks West Virginia's defense sets them apart from the rest of the field.

- Time now for The Onion Report. I mean, who else could that be but our FOX College Hoops analyst, Bill Raftery. Calling the game from the Garden tonight. And Raf, it's great to see you. You're looking fantastic. And let me ask you--

- I feel great.

- We're trying to figure out, with all these teams in the top 10 losing this past week, who is the best team in the country?

- Ohio State.

- I knew it!

- I spent the weekend in Columbus. I brought Jimmy's name up. They said, who's that? Such a unbelievable effort by them, but you know, you watch all these teams game to game. I think our results are going to be great at the end of the year. You're just going to get losses any more. But, you know, Caset mentioned West Virginia. And I do think the way they get after people, they're so disruptive. It makes you rely on your basketball instincts. And quite frankly, a lot of people don't have that kind of capability. So I think West Virginia, obviously. Villanova right now is number one. But I just like what they can do on the defensive end.

- Yeah, so you gotta like that, no question. Biggest surprise around college hoops this year, Raf, what do you got?

- You know, TCU's one of those teams that surprised me. Mississippi State started with, you know, a great run. Maybe not the schedule that a lot of people would have liked [INAUDIBLE] to play. But this kid is so talented, Trey Young, he just jumps out at me. Much like Kevin Durant when I saw him at Texas, you know, just shocking how talented he is. And I know when you can take a game away from a guy in college it's a little easier than it is in the pros because you've got other people who can beat you up. But this kid, I think he's flawless. Maybe shot selection or maybe running the team a little bit differently than the coach wants on occasion, but he loves to make the pass. Talented off the dribble. You know, obviously, defensively, Casey never guarded anybody either. So I'll let him talk about that.

- We have other people that can do that for me.

- Exactly. Raf, now, really important, before we let you go, you know, you're always teaching us during the games. I saw you were teaching the young generation moments ago. We have the video here. I know you can't see it, but you have the two youngins at the table with the headset on.

- Well you know, I'm trying to improve my vocabulary, I go to the kids. They're dolls. That's Suzi's two. They're going to stay here for pre-game. And you know, with the per-diem we get, we're sending them home. We can't afford that.

- Popcorn, that's it, Raf. You're the best. We'll see you in [INAUDIBLE] with the call a little later at the bottom of the hour.