Nike jumps gun on LeBron kicks?

LeBron James has won one NBA championship in his career, and
it’s fair to assume that he’d really like to win

But LeBron hasn’t yet secured a second Larry O’Brien
Trophy, and if his Miami Heat don’t win their next two NBA
Finals games against the San Antonio Spurs, starting Tuesday night
at home, they’ll have to wait until next year for James to
win that second title — which, again, he hasn’t yet

I repeat that because images of a pair of new Nike LeBron X Low
floral pattern sneakers have surfaced, and it seems, if the
pictures are legit, that Nike hasn’t yet been informed that the
shoe’s namesake only has one title.

Observe, in these photos from sneaker blog
Kix and the City:

The sock liner for one shoe reads, “2-time champion”
and the liner for the other reads, “11-12, 12-13,”
which is half-right. For Nike’s sake, let’s hope this
is either just a fake, a custom one-off — or that the Heat
find a way to rally against the Spurs.

Otherwise, the shoe giant is going to have an expensive and
embarrassing problem on its hands.