Daily Buzz: Z-Bo’s labor of love

If you have Memphis Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph on your fantasy team like I do, you probably found yourself scratching your head Wednesday night at his curious stat line — two points, no rebounds and one assist with just 7:53 on the court.

But as it turns out, Z-Bo had a perfectly good reason for his paltry performance in Memphis’ 99-84 loss to the New Orleans Pelicans: He left midway through the game to attend the birth of his child.

At 8:44 p.m. ET Wednesday, less than an hour after tipoff, Ronald Tillery of the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported that Randolph had left the FedEx Forum because his fiancee, Faune Drake, had gone into labor.

The team then made Randolph’s departure official with a report given to the media:

Less than an hour later, the news came that Randolph’s son had been born:

On Tuesday, just one day before the birth of her son, Drake tweeted a photo of herself, along with Randolph’s two daughters, MacKenley and MaZiya, with the caption, "Team Us!! Girls Rule until Our Baby Boy Come!!!"

Well, that baby boy finally came, and it’s refreshing to see that his dad didn’t let a basketball game stop him from being there when it happened. Congrats to Randolph and Drake on their new little boy, and take all the time you need getting back. My fantasy team will get by.

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