LeBron: NBPA ‘not in good place’

LeBron James shed some light on why he’s making a run at becoming the head of the National Basketball Players Association.

"I just think the union is going backwards, and it’s not in a good place right now," James told ESPN on Saturday. "I think my voice could be huge in that situation."

The NBPA fired executive director Billy Hunter after coming under fire for his use of union funds, and Derek Fisher’s term as president ended this summer.

"I’m not sure I have the time to do it, but it’s something I’m going to think about with my team and go from there," said James, who is coming off his second consecutive NBA title with the Miami Heat. "But I think we all can agree there’s been a lot of transition in our union in the last couple of years. If it’s not me in that seat then I hope it’s someone who is comfortable with it and can do the job."

The last high-profile player to head the NBA’s union was Patrick Ewing, who served a president from 1997 to 2001.