Odom attacks paps? Metta retiring?

Look, we all know about Southern California and its mellow mood, but Lamar Odom’s temper tantrum on Wednesday in Los Angeles was ridiculous.

In one of the mellowest rages ever captured on camera, Odom, reportedly at his wits’ end with the paparazzi, calmly reached into someone’s small Toyota and started flinging camera equipment into a busy street like he was tossing practice jerseys into the dirty pile. Or like it was part of his offseason training, since he looked like he just came from the gym.

Then Odom collected the equipment and put it in the trunk of his Mercedes, and even posed for a pic with a fan. TMZ reported he also "trashed" another pap’s car, all for reasons unclear, though some reports said Odom was taunted over a tabloid report that he cheated on his wife, Khloe Kardashian.

UPDATE: TMZ reports one of the paps wants to press charges.

Khloe took to Twitter to praise her hubby:

This would be bizarre behavior in almost any city other than LA, where native baller James Harden was spotted looking like a hot mess … with a brand new Rolls Royce.



Harden’s not the most popular guy in town since he’s teaming with Dwight Howard in Houston.



But when it comes to bizarre ballers in LA, neither Odom nor Harden can touch Metta World Peace. On Wednesday, amid reports that the Lakers plan to cut him loose with their amnesty clause, MWP tweeted that he’s retiring. Which would be more newsworthy if we could take anything this guy tweets seriously.



Same guy who tweeted this:



And this:



Just another day in LA.