Durant drops 35 at the Drew League

The Drew
has been a gift from the Basketball Highlight Gods all
summer long. Did you ever think that you were going to see video of

The Game throwing a no-look alley-oop to James

There have been plenty of high-profile NBA players getting in on
the action so far, from
DeMar DeRozan to Harden to Gilbert Arenas
— but none of these guys command the attention that Kevin
Durant did on Sunday morning.

Durant suited up for LAUNFD against the Money Gang (which
features rapper The Game and was home to James Harden a few weeks
ago). Although his team lost 92-90, KD compiled his own
mini-highlight reel on his way to 35 points and 17 boards:

Wow. LeBron James may be the NBA’s undisputed best player, but I
would rather watch Durant play pick-up ball for a day — no
question. In a league like the Drew where defense is an
afterthought to dunks and crossovers, KD is king. Hopefully this
isn’t the last we see of him at the Drew this summer.

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