WWE Roadblock 2016: 3 Surprises We'd Like to See

BY Fansided and Carl Gac/FanSided via Daily DDT • December 14, 2016

WWE RoadBlock 2016 is upon us, so here are three surprises we’d like to see on the show.

This Sunday, WWE RoadBlock: End of the Line will take place. The men and women of Monday Night Raw will be inside the squared circle to see out the final pay-per-view of the year with a bang.

Raw is currently lagging behind SmackDown Live in the running for the best weekly WWE show, RoadBlock is Raw’s chance to begin the fight back against the blue brand from Tuesday night’s. In terms of in-ring action, the matches on Sunday should be solid, even if it’s not spectacular.

It’s a big night for several members of the WWE roster, with Kevin Owens defending his Universal Championship against Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks versus Charlotte Flair for the Women’s title in an Iron Woman match, and Rich Swann putting his Cruiserweight Championship on the line against both TJ Perkins and Brian Kendrick.

Coming out of the back of RoadBlock we are in the very early stages of the “Road to WrestleMania” with the Royal Rumble the next big event for those that appear on the card. Will we see the early stages of matches being set up for the Rumble and beyond?

With so much going on in the world of WWE right now, there is still the chance for the company to pull off a few surprises at RoadBlock. But what could they be? Follow along with us as we give you three surprises we’d like to see at RoadBlock 2016.


3. Finn Balor Makes a Massive Impact

We’ve not seen Finn Balor on Raw since he had to relinquish the WWE Universal Championship, after being injured whilst winning the title against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. The former NXT Champion suffered a serious shoulder injury during the match, and was expected to be out for between four and six months. Now is the time for him to make his surprise comeback.

With current Universal Champion Kevin Owens facing United States Champion Roman Reigns at RoadBlock, that is where Balor can make his mark. Having won the belt and only holding it for around 24 hours, Balor is back for the title he never actually lost.

Following the main event match (which Owens wins to keep hold of his title), the lights go out, the arena fills with smoke and a familiar red light shines down on the entrance ramp. Balor’s music hits, and here comes the inaugural Universal Champion. Balor slithers his way down to the ring, as Owens looks spooked in the ring.

The fully painted Balor climbs into the ring and faces up to Owens. Owens stands tall and raises his title, begins to walk away, only for Balor to hit him with a corner dropkick and a coupe de grace to leave the Champion laying in the middle of the ring. Balor lays the Universal title belt over the downed champion and leaves the ring.

A Balor vs Owens feud, for the Universal Championship, could carry us through to the Royal Rumble, with Balor getting his chance for the gold in San Antonio.


2. Sami Zayn Beats Braun Strowman and Leaves for SmackDown

Right now Sami Zayn has two battles on his hands. On the one side he is battling to get his hands on Braun ten-minute in the ring. On the other he is being held back by Raw GM Mick Foley, who doesn’t want Zayn to be destroyed by Strowman. At RoadBlock we will see the two men go head to head in the ring, in a match with a ten minute time limit.

It’s perfectly acceptable that Foley doesn’t want to see Zayn get injured, but Sami seems convinced he can beat the giant Strowman. On Raw this week we saw Zayn basically say he wanted to be traded to SmackDown if he didn’t get the opportunity to face Strowman. Foley told him he’d speak to SmackDown GM Daniel Bryan, with the only trade being Zayn in exchange for SmackDown’s Eva Marie.

That didn’t go down well with Zayn, and he eventually got the match he wanted on Sunday night at RoadBlock. Well, it’s maybe time for Zayn to have a big win against Strowman, then when Foley comes to congratulate him, Zayn announces that he’s spoken to Daniel Bryan himself and has got his move to SmackDown.

The ten minute time limit stipulation on the match tells you it’s not going to be a long encounter. Why not have Zayn show a ruthless side and jump Strowman during his entrance. Hitting the monster with a series of massive chair shots, then rolling him into the ring and pinning him, could be the perfect way for Zayn to say goodbye to Raw and head to big things on SmackDown Live.

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1. Jack Gallagher Added to Cruiserweight Match and Wins Gold

In the last few weeks, one man has made a massive impression on the Raw crowd. Jack Gallagher was one of the unexpected (by WWE at least if not the fans who knew of him), and has made been a big hit on both Raw and 205 Live. Having become embroiled in a mini-feud with Ariya Daivari, including this week on Raw, Gallagher gets the ultimate opportunity to make an impact at RoadBlock.

A match is set up on the RoadBlock pre-show, between Gallagher and Daivari, with the winner getting the chance to be added into the Cruiserweight Championship match. Gallagher goes on to win the bout, then makes it clear he’s gunning for Rich Swann’s title.

During RoadBlock, it’s clear that Gallagher is the man that the crowd is well behind. Gallagher has a unique style and has quickly got himself over with the WWE Universe. That all leads to him tying his three opponents up in knots, before tapping out Kendrick to claim his first title in WWE after only a few weeks as a main roster star.

Gallagher has all the potential to be one of WWE’s biggest stars as we head into 2017. RoadBlock should be the start of the biggest year of the Manchester native’s WWE career.

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