Team Hogan def. Team Flair

October 31, 2019

RIYADH — In the latest chapter of the rivalry between WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, The Hulkster earned bragging rights, as Hogan’s team of Roman Reigns, Rusev, Ricochet, Ali & Shorty G bested Ric Flair’s squad of Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley, Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura & King Corbin at WWE Crown Jewel.

Shorty G and Ali started off the bout for Team Hogan, using their quickness to stay one step ahead of King Corbin and putting Team Flair on the back foot in the early goings of the match. However, Rusev’s furious determination to get his hands on Lashley gave Team Flair an opening to take control of the bout.

McIntyre did just that, wearing down Ali, grounding the high-flying Superstar and slowing the match to a pace more his liking. However, Ali made it back to his corner and tagged Ricochet into the bout. Ricochet launched into the battle, using his incredible aerial arsenal to try and turn the tides back in Team Hogan’s favor. The sheer power of Team Flair prevented that from happening, as “The Nature Boy’s” squad isolated Ricochet, and Team Hogan appeared to be in dire straits.

Ricochet refused to give in and fought his way out of Team Flair’s corner back to his side of the ring to tag in The Big Dog. Reigns went on a tear, going after every member of Team Flair singlehandedly, capping off his torrent of offense with a leg drop, paying homage to The Hulkster. Eventually, any semblance of order went out the window, as all members of both teams engaged in an all-out melee. Rusev finally got a few goods punches in on Lashley, and the massive brawl spilled to ringside, where Reigns took flight over the top rope and landed on the mass of Superstars.

Back in the ring, Reigns nearly had Orton finished until The Viper struck by countering a Superman Punch with a thunderous RKO. Reigns kicked out, and Team Hogan came together for one last stand. Shorty G prevented Orton from punting The Big Dog’s head off, while Ali and Ricochet neutralized McIntyre and Lashley with dives to the outside. That bought Reigns enough time to drop The Apex Predator with a ring-rocking Spear and seal the victory for Team Hogan, bringing the latest chapter in one of sports-entertainment’s most legendary rivalries to a close.

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