Saints hype kid Jarrius burns WWE star The Miz in hysterical interview

BY Nick Schwartz • January 12, 2017

WWE announced earlier this week that WrestleMania 34 will be coming to New Orleans in 2018, and a number of WWE stars attended a press event that included Triple H impersonating The Rock and The Undertaker making a full entrance (complete with fog).

The New Orleans Saints official hype man, an inspirational 14-year-old named Jarrius Robertson, reported on the event for the Saints in interviewed some of WWE's biggest names, from Roman Reigns to Charlotte. Jarrius had a hilarious interaction with former Intercontinental Champion The Miz.

"The Miz: Roman Reigns is your favorite WWE superstar, however, who is your second-favorite... 

Jarrius: John Cena. 

The Miz: Who's your third-favorite WWE Superstar?

Jarrius: Randy Orton. 

The Miz: ... who's your fourth-favorite WWE superstar?

Jarrius: Zack Ryder."

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