Jonathan Coachman: 'No Chance' WWE Signs Ronda Rousey After UFC 207

BY Fansided and Rob Wolkenbrod/FanSided via Daily DDT • December 31, 2016

ESPN personality and former WWE employee, Jonathan Coachman took to Twitter when asked about Ronda Rousey potentially joining the Leader in Sports Entertainment.Jonathan Coachman worked for WWE from 1998 to 2008. He then joined ESPN as an anchor for their SportsCenter shows and sometimes appears on other programming. On all of these shows, he has brought up his history with WWE and offers some interesting insight on what he learned over the years.Following Ronda Rousey’s knockout defeat to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 on Friday night, Coachman answered a few Twitter questions on if this meant a greater chance of Rousey joining WWE. From what he said, there isn’t a great chance of this:Sorry no chance. You can't bring in her at any point. Perception matters. That performance mattered.— Jonathan Coachman (@TheCoachESPN) December 31, 2016Michael listen to me. It will NEVER happen. They are not in the business of bringing in a broken star and rebuilding her.— Jonathan Coachman (@TheCoachESPN) December 31, 2016Two months ago, Stephanie McMahon said WWE will try to sign Rousey. Based on what Coachman is saying, though, any hope of that may be gone.It should be noted that WWE brought in Brock Lesnar months after his loss at a UFC event. That’s no guarantee that Rousey would still be signed by WWE, but after what happened not only in Las Vegas, but for the past 13 months, it’s a different situation.Rebuilding the image of Rousey in WWE is somewhat unchartered waters. Sure, the company has boosted up the stock of its talent before after losing however many matches or being made to look foolish. However, this would be a national scale of a rebuild with potentially millions seeing Rousey get knocked out by Nunes at UFC 207. The lasting images of her were a face that got bloodied and bruised with crushing blows, something that fans may not be able to get out of their heads.There’s also the marketing aspect of this. Will fans still see Rousey in the same light as they did during her four-year run on top of the UFC? Is she even a draw?Related Story: Ranking The Rock's Best MoviesMultiple sides can be taken to WWE potentially going after Rousey. Things are far from developing, however. Do you think there’s any chance of this relationship happening after UFC 207?More from Daily DDTWWE: 3 Cruiserweights to Watch for in 201757m agoHow WWE Booked James Ellsworth Perfectly1 h agoRanking Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s 5 Best Movies2h agoWWE NXT: Predicting the Next 3 Call-Ups3h agoShawn Michaels and Undertaker Set to Appear on Upcoming WWE Raw4h agoThis article originally appeared on

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