AOP sign with Raw as free agents

October 17, 2019

AOP’s stint in free agency didn’t last too long. As revealed on WWE Now, the undrafted powerhouses signed as Raw Superstars after just three days on the waiver wire, returning to the brand where they won the Tag Team Championships just one year ago.

The move also finally provides the highly-touted former NXT Tag Team Champions with the platform for a hard reset. In the wake of their title reign, injuries kept them mostly out of action throughout 2019, with just a handful of Battle Royal appearances to their names. However, if the recent vignettes airing during Raw are to be believed, Akam & Rezar are eyeing a terrifying resurgence. In that case, signing with Raw makes perfect sense. What better way to write their next chapter than by returning to the very brand where their unfinished story began?

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