WATCH: Miesha Tate spars with Donald Cerrone & The Janoskians

October 27, 2015

If you've never before heard of boy band/digital comedy troupe the Janoskians, congratulations on being an adult. The Aussie group is like a combination of the Backstreet Boys and Jackass, and they're really popular.

If you're a UFC fan (even an adult one), you likely know about No. 1 lightweight contender Donald Cerrone, who fights for gold against Rafael dos Anjos, in December. Well, both he and the Janoskians got their butts whipped by former bantamweight champion Miesha Tate, recently.

"Cupcake" Tate and the "Cowboy" engaged in light jiu-jitsu "rolling," or sparring, where neither athlete really went for it, choosing instead to flow and work positions. It's still a lot of fun to watch, on the latest episode of Cerrone's video blog (above). 

Also enjoyable to watch, for a different set of reasons, is Tate really and truly dominating the boy band members, one by one, in a cage. Those kids looked amped and ready and gave "Cupcake" all they had.


All they had simply wasn't nearly enough, however, and Tate demonstrated how being a man isn't enough, when you're going against a trained woman. Luckily for the Janoskians, Tate only grappled with them, and didn't unleash any of her nasty ground punches or elbows.

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