UFC fighter Alex Nicholson proposes to his girlfriend on stage at the official weigh-ins

BY Damon Martin • February 5, 2016

It's not every day a fighter proposes to his girlfriend just hours away from making his UFC debut, but Alex Nicholson took it one step further and popped the question before hitting the scale at the official weigh-ins.

Nicholson is set to face Misha Cirkunov on Saturday night, but before facing off with his opponent, the UFC newcomer walked to the stage with his girlfriend right behind him.

Before he disrobed and hit the mark at 201 pounds, Nicholson pulled a ring out of his pocket and dropped to one knee in front of his lady.

She was definitely wide-eyed and plenty surprised, but from the look of things she said yes -- and Nicholson seems to already have one victory on his record before actually fighting on Saturday night.

There's a first for everything and Nicholson will now go down as the innovator of a marriage proposal ahead of a UFC weigh-in.